We Want You: Create, Send And Track Custom Employment Offer Letters

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We Want You: Create, Send And Track Custom Employment Offer Letters

After finding the perfect candidate for that vacant position in your company, use We Want You to make an official employment offer in a swift and efficient manner!

This employment offer letter creator comes with a variety of features that make it easier for HR managers to create, send and track job offer letters to future employees. You also get to digitize your company’s offer acceptance and on-boarding process with this paperless job offer creation platform.

What Is A Job Offer Letter?

Before looking at how We Want You works, it is important to start by defining what a job offer letter is.

Simply put, a job offer letter is a formal (or informal in some cases) employment letter written by an employer to a new hire. Used to inform a candidate that they have been picked for the position in question, an offer letter, which may be in physical or electronic form, sets out specific details about the position. These details include information on salary and benefits, start date and working schedule, among others.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how you can use We Want You to streamline the process of creating, sending and tracking your employment offer letters.

  1. Create

The first step in the process revolves around the creation of the offer letter.

Once you sign up for We Want You, you will gain access to a library of existing job offer letter templates. When creating a new offer letter for a new position or role, you can choose the specific information you want to include. Some of the variables you can choose to include in an offer letter are start date and salary among others. Any customized templates can be saved for use in the future.

Once you have chosen the right template for the specific position, fill out all of the necessary information. At this point, you can save a copy of the letter in the virtual employee file. If you need to seek approval for the letter, you can also do so at this point by sending it to the relevant manager.

  1. Send

We Want You makes it possible for you to send employment offer letters swiftly, through email. This ensures instant delivery of offer letters.

  1. Track

To help recruiters follow the progress of the process from offer creation to acceptance, We Want You also offers a live tracking feature. After creating employment offer letters, you can use the platform to track the status of each; i.e. whether they are pending approval, have been sent, accepted or declined. You will be notified of any changes to the status of each offer letter.

Through weekly reports, you can be able to ascertain the progress of each offer. Any declined offers can be responded to quickly, with counter offers where necessary, to ensure that you don’t lose the perfect candidates to the competition.


Employment offer letters are one of the final steps in the hiring process. Employers use them to inform candidates of important details of the position in question. We Want You is designed to help HR managers and recruiters create, send and track job offer letters in an effective and effortless way.

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