Managing Your Employment Offer Letters

HR Tech Job Offer Offer Letter Recruiters22.10.2020

The process of crafting, sending, and tracking job offers is an involving task. It all starts with figuring out the best way to communicate with a potential team member. After that, you endeavor to create a custom employment letter that conveys your offer’s critical components. And even after sending the job offers, you are not done with the onboarding process.

Add the complexity of dealing with tens, or sometimes hundreds of job offer letters, and you will appreciate the difficulty of getting everything right. At WeWantYou, our sole focus is helping companies, big and small, streamline the processes and tasks involved in creating and managing employment offer letters. We have optimized every feature in our company to help you get the perfect recruit who can spur your organization’s growth and development.

To understand our technology and processes and how they help you manage your recruitment efforts, we will delve into our services’ features. Crucially we’ll show you how to use every feature to improve the process of finding new hirers.

1. Complete Digitized Paperwork Letters – Our services eliminate the need for stacks of paperwork while retaining a high fidelity in the process. Every step of our employment offer and onboarding management is digitized.

2. Premium Templates – Every human resource manager will appreciate the need for creating highly custom employment offers. However, the process of creating custom offer letters for every potential new hire is taxing.

As part of the streamlining process, we have a wide variety of premium templates that you use to stunning effect. With the best practices in writing job offer letters in mind, we have created a range of templates that will make an outstanding first impression among potential new employees. Crucially, every template is inherently easy to customize to meet your specific needs.

3. Version Tracking – Creating the perfect employment offer letter entails editing the letter multiple times until you have the perfect letter. We have a built-in version tracking feature that allows you to track your progress throughout the editing process. This feature comes in handy in ensuring your letter stays on message, and no ideas are left out.

4. Employment Offer Document Storage – WeWantYou has ample storage to store all your onboarding documents and help you track the process. You never have to worry about losing documents whatsoever.

5. Offer Letter Tracking – The last thing your company should worry about is whether the recipient received the offer letter. To this end, our software solution tracks every offer letter sent via our platform, keeping abreast of whether it reached the intended audience and whether the recipient has read your letter. After you send your offer letter, our software will keep you updated on the latest development.

6. Custom Candidate URLs – Customized URLs deliver a memorable and personalized experience to your potential new hires. The customized nature and delivery of our employment offer letter creates memorable first-impressions, which bodes well for your reputation.

7. eSignatures – eSignatures allows recruiters to fast track the onboarding process. Since you do not have to wait for the signed documents’ physical delivery, you can fast track the process.

8. API Connection For Popular HR Software – We’ve made it easy for human resources departments to undertake the onboarding processes using software solutions they are familiar with. Our API allows HR managers to seamlessly integrate WeWantYou into some of the most popular HR software solutions available. Crafting, editing, sending, and tracking job offer letters right from their HR software they are familiar with.

9. Compliance And Reporting – our all-encompassing solution has the ability to help you determine whether you comply with the regulations throughout the recruitment process. The software also HR managers create reports on the recruitment process.

All our features are well-thought-out to ensure you get the best experience possible. Moreover, we provide outstanding customer care services to ensure you can make our services’ best use.

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