7 Tips For Writing Decline Job Offer Letters

HR Tech Job Offer Offer Letter Recruiters05.10.2019

The economy is now back on track and employers are currently more likely to make job offers than they were a few years back when the economy was struggling. Whether the position is not right for you, the location is inconvenient, or the compensation is too low, sometimes you have to decline job offers. While you might be tempted to decline the offer verbally and leave it at that, it is more professional to do it via a letter.

Here Are 5 Tips for Writing Decline Job Offer Letters

  1. Be Prompt
    Once you have made the decision to decline the job offer, the first step you should take is write a letter to that effect. The company will obviously want to offer the position to a different person and it wouldn’t be courteous of you to be the one holding up the process.

    If you really want to go the extra mile, you should consider calling the company. A phone call might not bee for everyone, but it helps add a personal touch and can help you avoid the miscommunications that might arise from written messages.
  2. Be Courteous
    You might be declining the position that you are currently being offered, but might still want to be considered for future opportunities in the same company.

    If you are a savvy job seeker, you should always every opportunity to network, so thank everyone you interviewed with and wish them as well as their company lasting success. You should also consider letting the company know that you would love it if they kept in touch to stay up-to-date on future opportunities
  3. Give a Reason
    You might be hesitant about explaining your reasons for declining the job offer, but if you do it, you will ensure that the company isn’t left wondering exactly what went wrong and may even help improve the hiring process in the future
  4. Be Diplomatic
    If you have received another, more generous job offer, it can be a good idea not to mention the details of the position that you have chosen to accept. Instead, you should let the hiring manager know that you carefully considered the offer and were impressed by the company, but you have chosen to accept a position that’s more in-line with your career objectives.
  5. Be Concise
    The decline job letter is not the right place to tout your career accomplishments or credentials. The company already realizes and appreciates your value, so try keeping the letter as brief and to the point as possible.

Final Thoughts

What initially seem like the perfect job for you might end up not being the right fit after all. Fortunately, many other opportunities await you out there. Still, declining a job offer is a big decision that might appear intimidating at first.

The secret to decline job offer letters is treating the company the same way that you would like to be treated. If you follow the tips discussed here, you will respectfully decline the position while still staying in the good graces of the company.

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